Sunday, December 18, 2016

Back at 99 Percent Hair Studio - joining the grey hair bandwagon (a tad late)

It's been a while since I visited the favorite salon,
and what better time to go than when the green hair (yes green hair) for a show has faded into a sea of algae/yellowness.
Meet algae hair:

A quick blow-dry/de-tangling and assessment by the favorite stylist (hello again Danson!).

Every visit to 99 Percent Katong is a sit-back-and-relax session where I switch off the overworked brain and leave Danson to decide what best to do for my hair that day.
Always a good thing when you can trust your stylist's taste and skills!

Olaplex goodness is mixed into the bleach (to make the bleaching less damaging/more gentle).
Time to remove the algae!

Algae removal in progress,
by the two lovely ladies Kelly and Jackie.

Algae removal, complete!

This blonde is actually pretty cool.
Before it starts brassing and turning me into a strawman, of course.

Nah, no blonde for me. Time for colour!

The fun team at 99 Percent Katong added paper butterflies to the ceiling above the hair-wash area.

"... so that customers don't just stare at the bare ceiling with pipes hahaha..."

Lovely touch!

Touching up the roots with a darker shade of grey before moving on to the rest of the hair.

Danson took care to not bleach my newly-grown (and still healthy) roots, to preserve the (little) health that's left in my head of hair. The darker shade of grey he picked for my roots helped soften the colour contrast between the bleached and unbleached portions of my hair.

Sorry hair, for all the mistreatment I've put you through.
Thank you Danson, for taking good care of my hair!

Rest of the hair gets a touch of grey
- Pencil grey!

Thoughtful Danson reminded me that it's easy to overlook the maintenance of grey hair.
Grey fades quickly, especially with heat. If not washed with the right shampoo, grey quickly turns brassy and takes on a brown/orange-tinge instead.

Tips for maintaining grey hair:
* Wash hair with cold water, shampooing every 2 days instead of daily.
* Avoid styling tongs and other hair styling things that generate too much heat
(hair-dryers are fine).
* Wash with blue/purple shampoo!

Blue/purple shampoo has purple dye mixed in,
to balance out the brassiness that tends to set in otherwise.

99 Percent Katong stocks Pravana's own line of shampoo
meant for lightening and brightening blonde/grey/silver hair.
$40 a bottle.
(It smells quite lovely!)

Shampoo's ingredients list,
for the health-conscious.

A quick trim after colouring...

And we're done!

Hello grey hair!

Loving the shade of pencil grey,
and readjusting to seeing myself with darker hair again, after the bout of green/yellow.


So it's been 2 weeks since I last visited Danson & the team at 99 Percent Katong;
Thanks to the Pravana shampoo, I think my grey has been going pretty well!

I went a step further and got myself purple conditioner meant for blonde/grey/highlighted hair.
(This article was quite helpful in helping me pick the purple conditioner I wanted.)
Pravana's purple shampoo smells great and leaves my hair feeling quite soft after a wash.
I'm also loving the purple conditioner I got from Beauty Language (RPR Brighten My Blonde) that leaves my hair even softer after.

Bleached hair loves conditioner.

(Pardon the dirty wall.)

Have lots of fun playing the Monopoly game at McDonald's?
Starting tomorrow, 99 Percent Hair Studio will have their own version of the game;
Get a full hair service done at the salon (hair cuts included) and get a lucky draw coupon!
Prizes include an iPad, a digital camera, and discounts on products or hair services*.

*Lucky draw discounts will be applied on the spot!

Lucky draw runs from 19 December 2016 - 26 January 2017.

Book your appointment now (call 6702 7062)!

Till the next colour update,

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