Friday, June 9, 2017

Dark hair doesn't have to be boring

It's been a while!

So because of work, the hair had to be dyed dark brown.
Dark brown washed out over time (because bleached hair) and eventually looked like this for a while, throughout the trip to Tokyo (updates when possible!).

Only realised how badly the hair needed a refresher after going through Tokyo pictures.

But what happens when you desperately need a new hair colour but can only stick to dark colours (black no less) because of work?

Back to 99 Percent Katong for some much needed hair SOS.

Always a joy to spend an afternoon with Danson and his friendly team.
People who can skilfully tackle my very damaged, tangled hair are love.

Honestly can't imagine hair-life before 99 Percent Katong.
Not exaggerating.

A coat of colour with Fun's help - 
black with a slight twist!

Waiting time

Time for some much-needed treatment.

(Not used to seeing my hair in black;
It's been a while.)

For some reason, I like this machine.
Blowing steam onto the hair to help it absorb nutrients better.
Come on damaged hair,
you need it.

A quick (okay not so quick because the hair is getting quite long and now takes ages to dry) blow-dry later, and it's time for a quick trim. 
Split ends be gone.

Back to black, 
but not really.

Not quite visible when indoors but a sheen of blue can be seen depending on how the light falls.
Danson mixed in blue with the black dye to create a blue-black mixture before an overall layer was applied on my hair.
Result: Black hair that isn't quite just black.

Who says dark hair has to be boring?

I have pretty hair for the upcoming annual holiday with the mother!

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Non-members and members included!
More details on the GSS promo here:
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Off on the next trip tomorrow,
updates when we return!

Till then,

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