Monday, November 30, 2015

Back at 99 Percent Hair Studio: Revivre Party at Katong MODA

It's been a while since I last visited the favourite hair place, and what better time to visit than during a scalp treatment party? 

To celebrate the launch of Revivre hair products at the salon, 99 Percent Hair Studio (Katong MODA) organised a complimentary scalp detox spa experience for customers last Sunday, featuring products from the new Revivre series (now available exclusively at Katong MODA!).

Cupcakes, tarts and drinks for customers while they pamper themselves with a free scalp detox treatment.

Can't say no to good service!

The 60-minute Scalp Detox Spa starts off with a Scalp Microscopic Analysis, to better understand your scalp and customise the treatment to suit your needs. 
I have dry and irritable skin (eczema runs in the family) and sometimes get bad bouts of dandruff attacks. 
The scalp analysis gave me and the therapist a good look at my scalp condition, and she then made tweaks to the treatment process to help tackle my scalp issues.

It's always good to know that treatments at 99 Percent are done right, not the generic leave-in conditioners that can be done yourself at home!

Danson stepped in after the scalp analysis to start the next step: Relaxation.
You're probably thinking, "What? Relaxation?"

For the next 5 minutes or so, Danson gives me a relaxing scalp massage meant to rid the facial muscles of tension and prepare the scalp so it better absorbs the essential oils that are part of the detox treatment.

Won't say no to massages!

After the 5-min relaxation step, Detoxification!

The treatment commences with a mixture applied directly on the scalp. The Revivre line features a blend of essential oils specially selected to produce the best results in scalp treatment. 
Doesn't hurt that they smell great too!

The scalp is then covered with a cap and towel for 10 minutes, to let the mixture do its magic and rid your scalp of toxins and impurities.

Meanwhile, a shoulder and scalp massage.
While waiting for the mixture to set in, you get another round of massage, with organic lemongrass massage oil to soothe your neck and shoulders. There's also another scalp massage to improve blood circulation and enhance the treatment results.

Really can't say no to massages during hair treatments. Definitely value for money!

Because I have dry and irritable scalp, a coat of clay meant to soothe my itchy scalp was applied earlier in the process. 
Kelly came by to apply a mixture that would soften the hardened clay before the final hair wash.

It's great to know that extra steps are taken to customise the treatment to individual customers!

Almost done with the treatment, and an SLES-free Enfant shampoo is applied and massaged onto the scalp to cleanse the skin and hair. 

A scalp and hair PH balancing product (containing essential oils) is then applied after the hair wash.

15 minutes later, a comfortable hot towel is placed on my shoulder to calm any tense muscles, and Tian massages another round of essential oils (another product!) onto my scalp. 

I get another round of scalp analysis to show me the difference after the treatment,
and I'll spare you the details (it concerns hair follicles and pores) by just saying it works!

I didn't have to worry about having a messy head of hair after the scalp detox treatment because of the final step: Blowout.
Get a blowout of your choice and leave the salon gorgeous and ready for your next appointment!

I got my hair blown straight. Another friend got hers curled and ready for her next meeting with friends. 
Always a plus to have pretty (and great-smelling) hair for a day out!

Part of the Exence Aromatherapy range, Revivre's Scalp Detox Spa purifies and nourishes the scalp by restoring the scalp's elasticity and stimulating lymphatic drainage. The blend of essential oils also helps reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Natural and dermatologically tested, the Revivre line is also recommended for those with hair-loss issues! Don't take my word for it, pop by 99 Percent (Katong MODA) and ask Tian (who had a short struggle with post-natal hair loss) for her success story.

Revivre hair treatment and products are now available for purchase exclusively at 99 Percent Hair Studio (Katong MODA). 

Visit 99 Percent Hair Studio at Katong MODA, tell them you know me (Ann), and get a one year membership* with them for free! 

The membership entitles you to these fabulous things:

  • Get 10% off when you visit 99 Percent (Katong) for any hair service.
  • Get 20% off when you bring a friend and get your hair done together (your friend doesn't need a membership)!
  • Get an additional 20% off (on top of your usual 10% member discount) during your birthday month.
  • Get a haircut + another hair service, and take 50% off your haircut!

Hurry and book your appointment (call 6702 7062)!

*membership discounts apply to hair services at 99 Percent Katong MODA only. Purchasing of products not included.

Till the next colour update,

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