Saturday, October 10, 2015

First Facial in 28 years (what kind of woman am I) - Geranium Skin & Hair Boutique

I have never done a facial. 
I've been curious about how facials work but never got down to doing one. 
Thanks to Beauty Undercover, I finally stepped into the salon for my very first facial experience. 
And am I glad I got it done at Geranium Skin & Hair!

The important consultation before the facial, to better understand your concerns and any existing conditions (always great to have some customisation!).

And then it's time for the facial! 

A cute little gown to change into before getting all comfortable on the bed.

First: A calming face massage with a mix of essential oils to prepare your skin (and you) for the facial.

Next: The all-important step of cleansing.
Angela didn't just apply cleanser to my face, she also cleansed my neck and shoulders. 
I don't know about you, but I never knew it was important to apply cleanser not just on the face but also on the neck! Another step to add to my cleansing routine.

Angela and her gentle hands, removing the cleanser (and dirt). 
She also threw in a quick shoulder massage!

Next: Microdermabrasion, to remove dead cells and renew the skin. 

I loved how thorough Angela was, making sure to clean my face after every step. 
She also sanitised her hands and equipment each time before touching my skin.

Next: Extraction.
I've heard so many horror stories regarding the extraction process. Friends have shared that they would arrange to have a facial done near home so they could rush home (and stay home) after because of the red and irritated skin they'd have after a facial. Those stories were scary enough for me to stay away from extractions, so I was a little apprehensive at first about getting this done in the salon. 
While it really does depend on your skin condition, Angela assured me that customers who get their extractions done at the boutique leave happy without red bumps all over their faces because they take the extra effort to apply a cold compress after, an in-house blend of essential oils that calm and promote skin healing after extraction.
I'd soon find out for myself!

The extraction process wasn't too painful, with the pain level similar to the plucking of eyebrows or body hair. 

A relaxing cold compress after, to soothe the irritated skin. 
This was quite lovely.
And sure enough, the skin wasn't red or irritated after!

Then a quick facial massage with a blend of essential oils to prepare the skin for the next step.

Next: Gua Sha!
This term sounds scary because it's commonly associated with the traditional Chinese medical treatment where the skin is scraped to produce light bruising. Gua Sha is believed to release toxins from the body and stimulate blood flow and healing.
Images of bruises and scrapes immediately came to mind when I heard "Gua Sha", but Angela clarified that the Gua Sha technique used in their facials isn't the same as the typical Gua Sha technique for the body. 
The Gua Sha procedure turned out to be a very relaxing (close to a facial massage) one, where a special piece is used to slowly massage the skin.

Left: Before, Right: After.
The change is ever so slight, but the bloated-ness in my face from the morning was effectively massaged away!

Next: Ultrasound + Hydrating Serum.
Almost nearing the end of my facial, and a lovely hydrating serum is applied to my very stimulated skin. A gentle ultrasound is then used to help the skin absorb the serum better.
I love that Geranium Skin & Hair pays such attention to detail and goes the extra mile in ensuring the effectiveness of their facial products! 

The last step for my facial: Mask!
I love masks. 
I don't care if they're useful for the long run; I simply love the cooling sensation when on the face and the refreshed feel after.
This yoghurt-like mask (a special blend of vegetables with extra vitamins for the face) was simply delightful.

I've been told that most places simply leave you in the room with the mask and come back in 20 minutes to end the facial. That certainly wasn't the case with Geranium Skin & Hair.
Angela gave me a very relaxing shoulder and scalp massage while waiting for the mask to set. 
Now that's what I call value-for-money!

20 minutes later,
the mask set and peeled off nicely, leaving my face feeling refreshed and relaxed.
Angela also used a hot towel for my face and shoulder, to remove excess oil before I left the salon.
Again, love the attention to detail!

Left: Before, Right: After.
Me, all refreshed after the facial (not just the face, but also the shoulder and neck thanks to Angela's wonderful massage!).

Left: Before, Right: After.
Bloated-ness all gone, and pores feeling much cleaner after the very detailed procedure.

My first ever facial, and I am so glad I got it done with Angela.
If you're looking for a place to pamper yourself, be sure to visit Geranium Skin & Hair! 

Till the next review,

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