Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Expertligent Colour at Chez Vous Hair - Ash!

The colours I last got in my hair have faded into a very pastel greenish-blue-straw, and it was time for a colour fix. 
Where better to get it done than at Chez Vous?

I've read plenty of good reviews about the place and found their Expertligent series very interesting (who wouldn't, with that name).
Famous for their only-hair-directors-allowed policy, Chez Vous has plenty of hair experts on board and aims to improve the hair industry one hair cut/process at a time with their Expertligent Fix You programme.

I was going to meet Veyond, one of the experts helming their Expertligent Fix You programme, to get her master advice on how to fix my very dry hair.

Chez Vous prides itself on its design-centric concept, and its uniqueness can be seen in the salon's interior. 

A tea bar in the corner, right by the entrance, stocked with high-end teas.

A wall of hands, to symbolise the many skilled hands behind the salon's success.

A private room (the Wow room) for special guests, with light panels designed to resemble the ever-changing dynamic beauty industry.

Private sections (the Cocoon) for customers who come in for scalp analysis and treatment.

A face in the wall, because beauty is Chez Vous's main priority.

The wash room, with beautiful cloth resembling wash towels hanging from the ceiling. 
Very pleasing to the eye.

Two mannequins are featured inside the salon, dressed in pieces from local designers. 
Part of Chez Vous's initiative to help promote local talent in the fashion industry.

Down to business! Having a consultation with Veyond, Chez Vous's resident Expertligent expert. 
She immediately spotted my dry ends and advised against perming because my hair texture wasn't ideal for a perm. Perming my already dry hair (due to bleaching) would result in lots of frizz, and Veyond suggested a colour instead, to refresh the fading colours in my hair.
Honest about my hair condition and concerned for my hair health, bonus points!

Here we go!

Goodbye greenish-blue-straw! It was fun while it lasted.

First layer of bleach (only 3% concentration, because Veyond wanted to prevent my dry hair from getting more damaged).

Love it when salons are thoughtful and provide WiFi. 
Chez Vous goes many steps further and even offers umbrellas (for rainy days), food, and pillows (for long hours on the chair, waiting for the hair to turn gorgeous).

Into the wash room to wash off the first layer of bleach.

Enjoying my premium Earl Grey tea, before the next layer of colour-correction, to help balance my uneven hair tone and prepare it for colouring.

Veyond decided to continue the colour correction using semi-colour instead of bleach. Bleach would have stripped off the existing colours very quickly, but would have also further damaged my already dry hair strands. Because I wanted to retain my hair length, Veyond patiently applied layers of semi-colour to continue balancing my uneven hair tone.

My hair, purging the remnants of the old colour before welcoming the new.

Finally done with colour correction! A quick blow-dry before application of the new colours.
Because greens and reds are the most stubborn colours to remove, Veyond managed to correct 90% of the unevenness after several rounds of semi-colour. Bleach would have done the job quickly, but Veyond didn't want my hair to frizz even more than it already does.
Very good to know my hair health is her priority!

On to applying the new colours. I finally get to try ash colours!

First, the roots...

While waiting for the colour on the roots to set, a little bit of reading...

With more than 20 years of experience dealing with all sorts of hair, particularly dry and damaged ones, Veyond is refreshingly approachable, friendly and down-to-earth.
Definitely the go-to stylist for anyone with hair issues!

... then on to the rest of the head! Veyond could tell I liked blue and green, so she mixed a bit of those colours into the ash colour. I can haz ash blue-green hair! 

Off to the wash, and returning for my hair shot treatment, to help nourish my dry hair and give it some protein.

Veyond and Royson, her trusty hair technician assistant, help to rub the treatment into my hair.

Time for the treatment to set.

Some waiting (and shameless picture-taking) later...

Treatment washed off and hair ready for blowing dry!

Veyond gives me a quick trim. Very much appreciated. 
I've been needing a trim for ages :P

Oh the beautiful colours!

Dry + damaged hair, can't perm, but can still have hair blown into beautiful curls thanks to Veyond!

Veyond says the colours will eventually wash out into a beautiful silver. 
Looking forward to that!

Happy me, with the very friendly and approachable Veyond.

I'd recommend Chez Vous for anyone looking to pamper themselves with luxurious treatments, and Veyond for those looking for a skilled stylist who places hair health as the first priority.
For more of Chez Vous's good work, go here!

Till the next colour update,

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