Friday, June 5, 2015

Enhanced mermaid hair at 99 Percent Hair Studio, Katong MODA (discount code included)!

The whirlwind Europe trip is in less than a week, and it was time to get back into the favourite salon for a colour update so I can travel with gorgeous hair (no more frizz, or way less frizz, for a while at least)!

But first, a quick visit to one of my favourite cafés for late brunch before the hair appointment.

It's been a while since my café hopping days, and I didn't even know that Group Therapy now has a branch in Katong! Located in Katong V, right next to 99 Percent Hair Studio in MODA. 

Can't say no to all-day breakfasts.

Salted egg yolk fries AND poppyseed cake, both available in the same cafe. 
Need I say more.

It's a quick less-than-3-minute walk over to MODA (right next door!), where possibly the best place for colouring your hair is. Time for 99 Percent!

The customary Before shot.

Handing my hair over to the very trusty and skilful Danson.

First up:

Danson noticed the very frizzy hair and suggested that I do hair straightening on my new hair (new-grown hair not bleached before) to smooth out the frizz. He carefully avoided the lower parts that have been bleached before so as not to cause more damage (and frizz).

Similar-ish to rebonding but more straightforward, hair straightening is a permanent procedure (lasts about as long as rebonding!) that creates a more natural look than the dead-straight look after rebonding.

Step 1: Apply chemical that opens up hair follicles (so the flat iron can work its magic).
Step 2: Leave in for 20 minutes or so.
Step 3: Wash off.

Step 4: Blow dry.

Step 5: Flat iron (to straighten the hair).

Step 6: Apply 2nd chemical that seals hair follicles (to lock in the flat iron's magic).

Step 7: Leave in for 20 minutes or so.

Meanwhile, I explore the salon and notice that my favourite hair product (Champagne Rose Oil ) now has a new sibling!
With 4x the power of the (also very good) Champagne Rose Oil, this Coffee hair oil contains an easy-rince silicon to mend dry ends and damaged hair, and is best for those who often style their hair as it moisturises and gives volume.

I applied some on my hand for comparison, and unlike the Champagne Rose Oil that absorbs fast and leaves a lovely floral scent, the Coffee hair oil takes a little longer to fully absorb (only natural since it's 4x the power!) and leaves a faint coffee scent which might not appeal to non-coffee lovers.

Coffee lovers, you can now have the aroma of the bean in your hair!

Step 8: Wash off.

Step 9: Blow dry (to get ready for colouring!).

A quick Before shot of the back before the colouring begins.

But before we get to colouring:

Because my hair is already badly damaged from the many rounds of processing I put it through, Danson suggested we only bleach the lower ends that have already been bleached (countless of times) before, and leave the bleaching of my new hair to a minimum.

"And next time you come back, let's stick to the reds, to let your hair rest from all the bleaching."

Yay to hairstylists who care more about your hair condition than earning your money!

Getting distracted and capturing the Coffee line family. 
The O'Right brand is eco-friendly and their bottles (and parts of their products) are made from recyclable products. 

Yay to organic and environmentally-conscious brands!

Danson carefully applies the bleach to selected parts of my hair,

and the lovely Jackie assists with the wraps,

then it's time for my salon-friend, the heat machine.

Diligent Danson checks on the bleaching parts to ensure all's going well.

Touching up where necessary...

... and we're done! A quick visit to the sink for a wash,

and lovely Kelly helps blow dry my hair to prepare for colouring!

Jackie helps with applying the base colour - blue black.
I cannot begin to explain my love for blue black as a base colour. 
Thank you for introducing it into my life, Danson.

Danson checks on the base while it sets...

... and it's off to the sink again!

The colours and tone look bizarre for now, but it'll all balance out after the lovely pastels enter!

And it's on to:

Danson carefully portions my hair for the different colours.
I'm getting blue, green and purple, my favourite colours for the hair.
They'll fade into a lovely pastel after some washes and I can't wait!

Though I'll probably have to wait a while, because the brand of colours used in 99 Percent Katong usually last for quite a while in my hair. The last colouring faded slowly and lasted a good 2 months until my next colouring session!

One mermaid hair, coming right up!

After leaving it in for 20 minutes or so and washing the dyes off, it's on to the usual blow dry.

Look at that horrendous frizz. My hair looks more like seaweed than mermaid at this point.

But fret not, because my next favourite at 99 Percent Katong comes immediately after.

I cannot stress enough my love for the Brazilian Blowout treatment, which works wonders for my horribly parched hair and dry ends (for more information on the brazilian blowout, read this previous post).

This treatment is probably not necessary for most people with generally good to normal-frizzy hair, but works absolute wonders for very damaged hair. My hair is always so much smoother after a brazilian blowout treatment, and stays smooth for at least a month and a half!

My parched hair drinks up the treatment, with the help of the heat machine.

Kelly and Jackie help with the last steps of the brazilian blowout, with Jackie blowing dry my hair and Kelly flat ironing it after it's dried to seal the keratin in.

I feel like royalty every time I visit 99 Percent Katong to get my hair done, with so many skilled experts working on my hair.

Danson gives me a quick trim, getting rid of the remaining frizz.

My new, enhanced version of the mermaid hair, this time with purple hues mixed in!

Super happy with the colours, and excited to see how it fades over the next few weeks.

Wearing the new (straightened and nourished) hair to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, the day after my visit at 99 Percent Katong.

Hair all ready for the whirlwind Europe trip next week!

And now, the discount code as promised.

Visit 99 Percent Hair Studio at Katong MODA, tell them you know me (Ann), and get a one year membership* with them for free! 
The membership entitles you to these fabulous things:
  • Get 10% off when you visit 99 Percent (Katong) for any hair service.
  • Get 20% off when you bring a friend and get your hair done together (your friend doesn't need a membership)!
  • Get an additional 20% off (on top of your usual 10% member discount) during your birthday month.
  • Get a haircut + another hair service, and take 50% off your haircut!
Be sure to hashtag #katongmoda, #99percenthairstudio, and #beboldbedaringbestylish after your visit for more exciting discounts (99 Percent holds regular Instagram games for their customers!).

Current Instagram promotion for 99 Percent Katong members, for the Great Singapore Sale period: 

  • Get 15% off any 2nd service done in the same visit, 
  • Get 30% off when you bring a friend and get your hair done together (30% for both you and your friend!).
This Instagram promotion ends 30 June, so hurry and book your appointment (call 6702 7062)!

*membership discounts apply to hair services at 99 Percent Katong MODA only. Purchasing of products not included.

Till the next colour update,

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