Monday, January 22, 2018

99 Percent Hair Studio - Now at Bedok Point (with nails too!)

The last time I did my hair...
... was early August, 
when the hair had to go back to black for work.

Black hair was refreshing for a total of 3 months 
before I started itching to have some colour in my life again.
But work needed the hair to stay dark, so black had to do, and after all the keeping it dark and tying it up for work, I forgot all about maintaining the hair.

Until this:

Almost half a year since I last did anything for my hair, 
it was starting to show (and make me feel pretty drab).

With work wrapped up before the Chinese New Year, 
it was time to do something about making myself feel happier.

And what better place to do it at than the usual favourite hair place:

They've moved out of Katong and into Bedok, 
located conveniently next to Bedok Mall (nearest MRT station: Bedok).
Much food in the area, plenty to explore (doesn't hurt that Decathlon is in the vicinity).

But I digress. It's finally time for the hair to get some much needed care!


Okay goodbye drab hair.

Also, they've moved into a bigger space and now provide nail services too!

I'm all about one-stop shops. 
More on that later.

Gone are the days of wandering from hair salon to hair salon, cycling through hair stylists (because I could never really find one that I trusted/enjoyed the company of). 

I love colouring my hair, and not many places do it as well as 99 Percent/Danson.
His colour know-how and mad blending skills are 💪👍😍
One of the few places (and people) you can enter, sit back, 
say, "Do what you think suits me.", 
and not get a rude shock after.
Beautiful results, every time.

"My Stylist, My Friend."

Very apt.

First, neutraliser. 

Next, hair swatching,
 to see if the hair takes to the colour.

Olaplex added into the lightening mixture.
Because, important to maintain hair health as much as possible even while trying to achieve gorgeous colours (that usually require a bit of lightening/bleaching).

Always good when your stylist looks out for your hair health.

Lightening time!
*cue colour blending skills*

And now for the one-stop shop magic.
I get to do my hair and nails at the same time!

Now instead of just sitting and waiting for hair chemicals to set, 
get your nails done at the same time during the wait.

All timed to perfection.

After getting my very badly maintained nails (recurrent theme, clearly) done, 
I get a hand mask too.

All while Danson keeps track of the lightener's progress.

Making full use of relaxation time.

Lightener washed off and hair all ready for colouring!

Danson doing his last checks to ensure the hair tone is all good to go.

The guy knows his stuff.

(Also, those cyborg-looking metallic things on my arms?
Heat-emitting wraps while the hand/arm mask works it magic.
So much pampering.)

Colouring time!

And after the wash-off,

Blow dry and ready for the trim!


And finally, time for the trim. 

Goodbye drab dead ends.

I am in love with the colours.

Not much to rave about nails-wise (because I didn't leave the nail artist with much to work with anyway: nail-biting and nail-plucking habit, the worst), but Winnie did a lovely job with making my nails look a whole lot more presentable now than they ever were.

All done while I was waiting for the lightener+colour to set.



No idea what look to go for this coming holiday? Or just in dire need of a hair refreshment like me?
Leave your Chinese New Year look in the good hands of the folks at 99 Percent Hair Studio Bedok Point (no CNY surcharge!). 

Spend SGD19 for a year's membership that entitles you to:
- 15% off any full hair chemical services (Mondays-Thursdays, 11am-4pm)
- hair product rebates (15% of total bill in a single receipt; Fridays-Sundays, all day)
- 10% off nail art
- 1-for-1 nail fungus tablet
- spend SGD99 or more on nails before CNY and get discounts on nail services (for use after CNY)
- gift giveaway (limited edition Wella hair brush and 99 Percent Hair Studio angbaos!) with SGD199 or more spent on hair/nail services (while stocks last)

CNY promotion runs from now till 14 February 2018.
(salon closes for CNY celebrations on 15 February and opens after a week.)

Call 6702 7062 for appointments!

Till the next colour update,

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