Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hair Treatment at Art-Noise Japanese Hair Salon (Holland Village)

Famous hair salon Art-Noise from Ikebukuro in Tokyo, Japan has finally set up shop in Holland Village! Right before my exciting colouring session, I had the privilege of visiting Art-Noise with Beauty Undercover, to get their famous SHA treatment products for my horrendous hair.
Art-Noise's in-house treatment, SHA, is specially formulated to replenish essential amino acids and moisture within the hair and scalp. SHA uses a mixture of plant extract and active ingredients to clear the scalp of excessive oil and impurities, suppress dandruff and lock in more water for healthier looking hair. 

I love how the salon has laminated signs on their tables to better explain the SHA treatment procedure and effects.

SHA Base Care Treatment

Care for Scalp
* treatment moisturises and softens scalp
* contains Capryloyl Glycine (for hair growth)
* ingredient suppresses dandruff, sebum secretion and reductase (the cause of hair loss)
* contains organic Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice for better scalp condition
* 9 types of herbal extracts that moisturise hair and scalp, suppress itch, tighten scalp and reduce inflammation

Care for Damaged Hair
* without using silicons, 4 types of natural oils are included to moisturise hair
* for hard texture hair, Hydrolysed Collagen's moisturising effect gives softness
* for thin hair, Hydrolysed Keratin gives bounciness
* for damaged hair, Hydroxipropyl Chitosan accelerates the regeneration of the hair cuticle, making hair stronger and shinier
* by using Sodium Dilauramidoglutamide Lysine, the treatment better penetrates inside the hair with a short processing time and coats the hair surface

 So here's the customary shot of my Before hair. Gross as usual.

Very comfortable and luxurious seats. Always a plus.

Because Yukie was appalled at my hair condition (can't blame her, I wake up every morning with the same scare when I look at myself in the mirror), she offered to give me a quick trim and a hair wash+treatment to start me off on my SHA treatment journey. 

Right after the cut, Yukie starts off the treatment process with a hair wash, using the SHA shampoo. But this isn't just any other hair wash, it's a hair wash using carbonated water to wash away the build up of dirt and other nasties that accumulate on our hair shaft.

 Then it's on to a pampering head massage to encourage blood circulation of the scalp. I love scalp massages!

After 10 minutes or so of letting the treatment work its magic on my hair, it's wash-off time and on to blow dry to see the results.

An interesting note: Yukie applied a tiny bit of SHA treatment (about the size of a 20 cent coin) on my hair right after washing the shampoo+treatment off, saying that leaving a tiny bit of the treatment in the hair is an option if I prefer to give my hair that tiny bit of extra moisture. Just apply a little bit and blow dry!

Blow dry done. Doesn't the hair look much better already?

So much better!

Happy me with pretty Yukie, the skilful hairstylist.

My afterthoughts:
Experience at Art-Noise Japanese Hair Salon (Holland Village): 9/10
True to their reputation, Japanese hair stylists are exceedingly careful and focus a lot on hair health. Yukie was no exception, and I felt like my hair was in really good hands! Friendly and polite, the stylists at Art-Noise definitely won't make you feel out of place or awkward.

SHA Treatment: 8/10
The treatment definitely made my hair super smooth and soft. Unfortunately, like the last treatment I did, the effects didn't last past the next hair wash at home. My hair's extremely damaged from all the processing I've put it through the past year, so my hair cuticles no longer retain moisture well. My hair needs extreme SOS.
The SHA Shampoo and Base Care Treatment is extensively used in all of Art-Noise's hair services (e.g. perm/rebonding/head spa) and those interested in using SHA products can purchase them from Art-Noise directly. They're not always in stock though, so do call to check if they're available!
The good folks at Art-Noise also sent me home with a bottle of the SHA shampoo and treatment so I can better see the results with continued use. 
Another review on the SHA shampoo and treatment up in a few weeks!

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