Friday, February 6, 2015

AEIOU Cafe, 111 King George's Avenue

Thanks to my multi-talented friend @edricism, I discovered a new hang-out that shall be my go-to place the next time my friends ask where we should gather for a good meal!

A short 5-10 minute walk from Lavender MRT station (tap your EZ-link and turn left, head up the escalator, walk past the alley of food stalls, cross zebra-crossing, turn right and follow the road until you arrive at the cross-junction before Jalan Besar Stadium. Vintage-artsy-greenery heaven is diagonally across from where you are, under the Oriental Antique House signboard; for better directions, use your smartphone's Google Maps) is AEIOU Cafe, a month-old eatery/coffee place that's the brainchild of very design-savvy owners with equally skilled green-thumbs.

At first glance, there's just too much to take in. Every corner is artfully designed with plants, art, collectibles and bespoke furniture. I spent close to 2 hours in the cafe for my first sitting and discovered new details each time I gave the place another look.

My favorite spot in the cafe is probably here, where small birthday parties and group gatherings are often held. Coincidentally, I got a shot of the corner and its inhabitant and found out later that said inhabitant was one of the cafe's all-round-talented owners (the man cooks, designs, illustrates and, I hear, sings).

A short write-up detailing the story behind the cafe's moniker, available on every menu, presented on a clipboard that comes with its own rusty, vintage clip. A must-have for any respectable hipster eatery.

The cafe is filled with dinosaur motifs, from the illustrations on the concrete wall to the handles of their coffee mugs. The owners definitely pay attention to detail. And this detail just happens to be a super cute dinosaur. 
Where. Can. I. Get. More.

I can get more when visiting the bathroom :D

Newly opened, the cafe is nice and quiet-enough on a weekday. Weekends get busy (as most hipster places do), so visit on the weekends if you want to see and be seen, and on weekdays if you prefer to have the place to yourself.
Although, given its instagram-worthiness (every corner is an instagram moment!), I doubt the cafe will retain its hidden gem status for long.

One of the cafe's bests - Avocado coffee: two espresso shots and a generous serving of blended avocado, served on a dinosaur-shaped board. Add the shots as you wish to the creamy avocado and get ready to never drink coffee the same way again. 
And yes, dinosaur wood board.

See a piece of furniture you fancy in the cafe? Talk to the owners and ready your credit cards.

A shot of the coffee menu, because every respectable hipster requires coffee.

Interested in the cafe's current offerings? Watch instavideo below.

I hear the owners are preparing to expand the menu once the building's electrical supply is ready for all of the cafe's awesomeness (old building, old electrical supply that trips if overstretched).
Can't say no to more good food!

My afternoon tea friend - the lime tart. Looks like lemon tart, but comes with a tinge of lime, presented on a pretty purple Pantone plate. Buttery crust, creamy filling and just enough tartness. 
If lemon isn't your thing, try their Avocado Cheesecake, which I hear is all kinds of wonderful too.

A shot of the bar counter.
Just because.

Another corner that's bound to be the one that most customers want to be seated at. Instagram-worthy regardless of angle, and stocked full of quirky, colorful pieces. 

Dinosaur. One of the owners loves dinosaurs. This lone dino found just above a gorgeous blue vintage fan was illustrated by the dinosaur-loving owner himself.

Also, ceiling fans are hand-painted.
Starting to see what I mean when I say one glance just isn't enough?
I'll probably continue to discover new details the next time I visit.

Even the coasters they use to serve your iced drinks deserve their own shot. That's how much attention the owners paid to the cafe's design.
Ugh, talented people. I'll forever be a consumer of their creations.

The prices on their menu may intimidate some, but that's only because you haven't seen the portions served. All prices are nett; GST's been included and no service charge (the crew definitely deserves it though, for their friendly and quick service). 

Humchimpeng croissant. Yes, humchimpeng. 
The croissant's crispy and fluffy, with a tinge of the familiar pastry that goes so well with beancurd.
Not into humchimpeng? Try this anyway for the croissant's lovely texture.

One of the cafe's most popular dishes - the whole roasted chicken, served with a simple rocket salad and 4 side dishes that vary day-to-day. We got butter corn, mashed potato (so fluffy, so soft, so yummy), mushroom sauce and mustard. Roasted chicken comes stuffed with onions, garlic and herbs, and retains the moisture that many roast chickens served elsewhere lack.
This was definitely worth the $22.90 spent.

Vegetable fries: a mix of yam, sweet potato and potato. With very yummy chili and some sort of a vegetable sour cream dip.
Good for sharing.

Dino gets his own signature chocolate cake that's rich, thick and super chocolatey, served with an intricate spattering of chocolate dust.
And yes, dino board. 
Honestly, I'd order this (and other signature dishes) just for the very photogenic dino board.

This cafe is art-friendly. Paintings hung on the walls are available for sale (though you'd need pretty deep pockets) and the ambience is perfect for drawing. My friend +Edric Hsu would definitely agree.
Of course, that's before the cafe starts getting crowded. No table-hogging when there's a queue, please!

Very happy diners after a very happy meal at the very pretty bar counter. 
See the tiny colored corners on the bar counter? Hand-painted.

Oh gawd I need to reflect on my artless life.

111 King George's Avenue, Singapore 208559 
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Tuesday-Sunday (closed Monday)
Accepts Cash, NETS, Credit cards.
Phone: 6291 2698

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